D'Maestro is a name very familiar to those in the Atlanta, Ga. area. His music is very familiar all over the United States and even in other countries. D'Maestro is a native of Atlanta where he has shared the stage with great artist such as Kelly Price, Byron Cage, Xscape, Jagged Edge, Donnell Jones, Lashaun Pace, Ann Nesby, and John P. Kee just to name a few. He has toured internationally and also shared stages with those such as Destiny's Child, Jaheim, Joe, Missy Elliot, Carl Thomas, N-Sync, Dave Hollister and Mary Mary. D'Maestro presently has 4 albums out and with each one he seems to climb just a little bit higher. His first cd "Sanctuary hit stores in 2002 and made headways for him in so many places. Classic songs such as "Sanctuary" "Before we Lay" "If I tell" and "Afraid to say me” are still favorites to so many. He then in 2005 released "Situations" which has been noted as one of the greatest follow up (sophomore) projects to date. This album landed him the #1 spot in sells in peppermint music store the first week out selling even some of the major artist. His 3rd album "Sentimental" with songs like "Don’t confuse me","Love's Gonna love me first", and "Can I" got him noticed in the overseas market and lead to the distribution of all 3 of his albums in Japan. And now he has done in again with his latest project "Sanity" This project has come full circle and taken him even higher. Songs like "Everything" "What Happened?”Closure" and club bangers like "What I Want" and "Bigg Boi Swagg" got him noticed in yet another overseas market (United Kingdom) where he has managed to chart # 1 on the independent artist charts in just 13 weeks. D'Maestro is known for his great ballads and his strong vocals but is loved for the passion that is felt in every song and seen in every performance. D'Maestro did it again with his 2014 summer release of his latest album "Seventy3". Some have called this his best work yet. With soulful ballads like "One Last" "Harmony" and "Somebody Else's Love", Club bangers Like "Gone" and "It's About To Go Down", it was clear that D'Maestro was at his creative best. He also gave acapella arrangements and even  a Reggae feel with "I Like You". Some have asked... What is missing in the music industry? The answer simply put is D'Maestro!!!!